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Message From the President

We established J-WORLD INC. on June 1st, 2017.

Let me introduce myself as the president of the company.

It has been approximately 30 years since I started traveling abroad.
I have visited 50 countries.

My background:

・I worked for a major international trading company, where I imported products from around the world.
・I also worked for a top-10 global IT equipment and service company, engaging in business with major global customers.

Subsequently, I started my own global business, traveling extensively to countries such as Germany, Denmark, the USA, China, Hong Kong, and more to discover cutting-edge products.

As a company, we manufacture products at our factory in China, and we distribute and sell them globally, both through distributors and directly on the internet.

Some of our proprietary products have been featured in various media outlets, including TV and radio programs, newspapers, and major magazines. These products have gained popularity not only in Japan but also in Indonesia.

Through these endeavors, our aim is to support our customers in enhancing their lives with our products.

We promise to do our best to ensure that all our customers and business partners are satisfied with our products and services from around the world.

Our ultimate goal is to develop our company to make a meaningful contribution to the global community and society as a whole.

Masahiro Horiguchi President J-WORLD INC.

Masahiro Horiguchi


Trading (Plan ~ Production), Wholesale, Internet Sales


- Agent Sales (Exclusive Sales)
- Parallel Import
- Support Import Business


- Oversea Export
- Support Export Business

Japan Domestic Sales

- Wholesale
- Internet Sales


- Offshore Trade

Various kinds of items such as Home Electronics, PC, Accessories, Watch, Apparel, Home Kitchen, Stationery, Musical Instruments, Toys & Games and CD/DVD, Beauty Equipment, Drugstore and Food, etc.

Please contact us for details.

Company Profile

Company NameJ-WORLD INC.
Head Office4-4-17 Minamishinagawa Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0004 JAPAN
PresidentMasahiro (Nikki) HORIGUCHI
Established inJune 1st, 2017
Capital3 Million Japanese Yen


If you have any inquiries about J-WORLD INC. or any services,
please feel free to contact us.

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